When rebels rally.

One balmy summer night a few girls gathered themselves around a table of appetizers. And through laughter and lots of amen's, a movement was born. At the time it was little more than a few girls agreeing on their version of abundance.

Several weeks later the same girls drove up a long gravel path to a ranch house on a hill. This time they gathered with a few more friends for three days and nights. The shared presence was a gift. Around night fire and fine food they experienced the abundance of all things but sleep. Not much sleep was had.

Ideas, inspiration and even overwhelm wrapped them in a picture of the future. It wouldn't be easy. That was agreed upon. But there was far too much conviction to back away.

Each girl went back home to their busy lives. They gathered research and personal experiences, while what they envisioned in a cozy ranch living room very slowly began to take shape.

Bringing rebels together is no easy feat. Rebels typically already have a lot going on and a plan of their own. If rebels are anything, they are leaders.

And when leaders are willing to link arms, the strength and impact is profound.


A tale of two rebels.

Alana and Amie were the first two girls to link arms and connect. They discussed the idea of joining forces to address all the areas in which our health and happiness is under attack. They were already friends as they had met working together in Young Living. Both had experienced so much good using essential oils, but had found that there were many people who just hadn't mastered the art of living well.

It was out of this desire to share the big picture that Alana and Amie invited others to the discussion. One by one, more rebels joined the conversation, each one adding something beautifully unique. From there the big picture got even bigger, with distinct depth and more definition.



When She was a teenager her mother told her
she should become a terrorist. Seriously?

Yea she did. What she meant to say: she should become an interrogator. As in, the one who actually questions terrorists. Big difference, Mom!


But if you ask her mother, she's been a rebel from the beginning. Always questioning. Never satisfied with surface answers, Amie has been one to keep digging until she felt the truth for herself.

Her love of language and research easily led her into teaching at the church her parents pastored. Her passion to see people live life to the fullest fueled her quest to write five books, three devotionals and a book study.

Amie has had the honor of learning to lead through the oversight and direction of a large non-profit corporation. She is also the visionary behind an annual conference, Flourish, that draws thousands of women from around the world.

Her favorite role, toughest assignment and greatest joy has been raising four children with her southern gentleman of twenty-one years, Stacey. They share their time between a high-rise apartment and a ranch, an hour outside the city where they gather around the fire with their four young adults, a golden-doodle, Aussie-doodle and three miniature goats.

Amie feels equally at home in both town and country life, because why would a rebel choose one?




Idea Girl. Inspirational Quote-aholic.
Butter Obsessed. Comedic Wannabe.

Alana lives in a Nerf gun war zone, with her 2 scooter-riding boys and her #amazeballs husband of 12 years.


She's achieved a lot, including that Hula Hoop contest back in the day; but motherhood is her biggest and best accomplishment. Even though becoming a mom was a dream-come-true, she lost herself and began to suffer from the 'just' syndrome. Alana had tossed other dreams and aspirations aside; and for several years felt like she would only ever be 'just' a mom.

Determined to overcome the 'just' syndrome, she pursued the YL biz opportunity. Heart and hustle in relationship marketing has brought about financial and time freedoms that allow her to reach more goals and dreams. Alana is not 'just' a diamond in Young Living, she's a dream catcher, and she loves helping others catch theirs.


Following the Revolutionaries,

Dr. Gary and Mary Young

Turning a passion into a profession is a dream for many – but for young living founders, Dr. Gary and Mary Young, it's a vibrant reality. Over two decades ago, Gary discovered the profound benefits of essential oils. Through Young Living, the Youngs have been able to share Gary's discoveries and matchless knowledge with millions around the world, supporting their well-being and transforming their lives.

Gary's unrivaled expertise on the power of plants, combined with Mary's entrepreneurial spirit and experience in the direct sales industry, led to the creation of the world's purest and most comprehensive line of essential oils, blends and oil-infused products.

Their lives, their history and their passion for truth  and well-being for everyone, everywhere is carving out a revolutionary, innovative and generous path for us to follow.


Our philosophy is simple.
We call it rebel & replace.

No one is asking you to change everything about your life. We are simply challenging you to take a look at the things you do everyday. Odds are, that your health and happiness aren't determined by the things you do or don't do once a month. It is the things you do or don't do every day that need to be reviewed. The things you do everyday have the potential to produce an elephant. Daily habits build up in our lives, and all of the sudden we realize there is an elephant in the room. Whatever your elephant may be, you can take it down by rebelling against the overload of the unhealthy, and replacing it with a better choice.

An elephant of this kind disappears by making one good decision at a time.

We're here to help you rebel & replace. We know, the struggle is real, which is why we want you to join our rebel tribe as we walk this out together. Our rebel & replace resource will help you get the elephant out of the way so that you can start practicing the art of living well.

We want this to be as exciting and effective as possible, so we wrote a book to make it easier for you to slay and succeed.

Rebel Artisans is the ultimate, easy to understand flip-through book. It serves as an informative guide on the things we take in that are toxic, and what the safe alternative could be. This book is truly an education we all need, written in a way that won't make us feel schooled.

In our world that is fastpaced, content overloaded, full of media overkill, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why Rebel Artisans tells you just what you need to know, in just the way you need to see it... clear and concise.

It's time that we rebel against what's wrong and choose what's right to live a healthier life.


The Book

Rebel Artisans is a compilation by RA co-founders Amie Dockery and Alana Bookhout. This is the ultimate, easy to understand flip-through book. It serves as an informative guide on the Rebel Artisan movement, while covering the things we take in that are toxic, and what the safe alternatives could be in exchange.

This book is truly an education we all need, written in a way that won't make us feel schooled.