Spring Into Savvy #rebelagainsttoxicmakeup

Spring is upon us and I always like to think of it as a time to start anew! The frigid weather and dreary atmosphere dissipates, happily replaced by warm sunshine and new life! The flowers bloom, the birds begin to sing, and the rivers start to flow! We exchange our heavy coats for lighter ones (or none at all!) and breathe in a sigh of joy as we step outside and march into all the new!

Speaking of all the new, I want to share one of my most favorite new products with you! It is the first of it’s kind, gorgeous, thoughtfully assembled, and best of all, FREE of harmful chemicals and toxins! I am talking about the all new, absolutely fabulous, Premium Starter Kit with Savvy Minerals!

It comes beautifully packaged in a sleek black case with dark pink accents and contains: 1 Foundation, 1 Blush , 3 Eyeshadows, 1 Lip Gloss, Misting Spray, Foundation Brush, 5-ml Lavender essential oil, Savvy Minerals by Young Living Booklet, and an Introduction to Young Living Booklet. The kit allows you to choose from four options with shades selected to complement a range of skin tones. The colors of the eyeshadows, blushes, and lip glosses have been thoughtfully pre-selected to accent the foundation options which include Cool 2, Warm 2, Dark 1 and Dark 4.

If you’re due for feeling refreshed and anew, you cannot go wrong with Savvy Minerals! It looks beautiful, is light on your skin, and with that bottle of Lavender keeping you relaxed and rejuvenated, you’ll be marching out with your new Spring self in no time! 

It is time for you to #rebelagainsttoxicmakeup and get your Savvy on! If you’re already a Young Living member, head on over to your virtual office, sign in, choose your Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit  with the foundation color of your choice (Cool 2, Warm 2, Dark 1 or Dark 4) and place your order! If you’re not yet a Young Living member then I have the BEST NEWS for you! Purchase the Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit today and become one, you will never regret it! I promise you, it will be the best $150.00 you’ve ever sprung!

Here are some details about what comes in each kit option: 

Cool 2: Foundation, Blush-Smashin’, Eyeshadows- Residual, Best Kept Secret, and Crushin’, Lip Gloss-Abundant

Dark 1: Dark 1 Foundation, Blush- Passionate, Eyeshadows- Residual, Best Kept Secret, and Determined, Lip Gloss-Maven

Dark 4: Dark 4 Foundation, Blush- Passionate, Eyeshadows- Spoiled, Best Kept Secret, and Determined, Lip Gloss-Maven

Warm 2: Warm 2 Foundation, Blush- I Do Believe Your Blushin’, Eyeshadows- Spoiled, Best Kept Secret, and Unscripted, Lip Gloss- Embrace

Want to know how to get Young Living's toxic-free products?  Contact us at info@rebelartisans.com for more info, or contact the person who sent you this blog post.




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Back To The Basics #romanticalrebel
Romantical Rebel.png

We’d been dating for several months… Movie nights, putt-putt challenges, and dinners at nice restaurants were some of our regulars. He would be clean-shaven and I would be all dolled up. It’s what you do when you’re trying to impress the other. Love notes were written, the occasional gift or bouquet of flowers was exchanged, and deep conversations never ceased. It was so fun – just him and me.

Time passed and there I was with a ring on my finger and a wedding planner binder in my lap. We were sitting in the car, about to head out from my parent’s house, when my mom popped her head in the window. I’ll never forget that moment –she said something like, “Just remember, when you get married and have kids, don’t ever stop loving each other the most. At times it’ll be easy to love your kids more, but don’t.”

“Okaaaay, mom,” I thought. I probably even rolled my eyes at the randomness of her timing. We were months away from our wedding and years away from kids, so yeah… completely out of left field. But that 5-second piece of wisdom she threw at us that day totally stuck with me. It didn’t entirely make sense at the time but I chewed on it and over the years it’s become one of my most prized nuggets of wisdom.

If you have kids, you may be able to relate... Our cute babies are born and they’re so yummy to hold and fun to play with and all those snuggles and giggles, and ohhhh how tiring it is all at the same time. Before we know it, we may have inadvertently put our spouse on the backburner. That once fun, intimate relationship has now become more of what feels like a roommate-situation. Conversations are few and far between, romance is a thing of the past and before long, you just co-exist.

Regardless if you have kids or not, its easy to fall out of love because its easier to just not work at it. Gordon Hinckley says, “A good marriage requires time. It requires effort. You have to work at it. You have to cultivate it. You have to forgive and forget. You have to be absolutely loyal one to another.”

Dustin and I don’t have the perfect marriage, but we definitely have a good one. We put a lot of effort into it, we forgive and we’re loyal. It’s not always easy but it’s absolutely worth it. If I could offer any nugget, in addition to my mother’s wisdom, I would encourage couples to never stop dating their spouse. Remember those dating years? … the way we worked to impress the other, the time we took to show them we cared, the interest and desire we had to get to know them on a deeper level? So take your relationship back to the basics --- and ask them out on a date.

Romantical Rebel Date Ideas:

  • Make a list of local restaurants that you haven’t been to and throw those in a jar. For dinner dates, pick one out of the jar and try it out. Make it a bit more fun and play “food critics”
  • Grab a blanket and some pillows and snuggle up outside under the stars after the kids go to bed- whisper your wishes to each other
  • Grab a glass of wine and a sketchpad. Take turns making sketches of each other
  • Find out what your spouse’s dream car is and surprise them by taking them to the dealership just to test-drive it for fun
  • Go to the bookstore, head for the travel section and plan out your dream vacation together
  • Set up a late-night picnic in your room (no phones, no lights, no television) with just candles, romantic music, and some yummy treats
  • Plan to play hooky from work together and do something special while the kids are in school (amusement park, hot-body yoga, spa day, etc)
  • Get crazy bold! Pack a few essentials and head to the airport. When you get there, buy the cheapest, soonest departing flight to anywhere and head there for the weekend
  • Download the Geocache app and go on a “treasure” hunt together
  • Rent a movie you’ve never seen before, set it on mute and improvise the dialogue together
  • Go on a double date and head for the thrift store. With a budget of $10 each, pick out a hilarious outfit for your spouse- the funnier, the better! Have everyone get changed into their new clothes and head to a fancy restaurant
  • Pretend you’ve never met, then try out pick-up lines in a swanky bar and pretend they worked. Kick it up a notch by heading to a snazzy hotel for the night
  • Go for a mystery drive. Take directions from the blindfolded passenger and see where you end up
  • Reenact a favorite date night from your relationship

I hope these date ideas sparked some creativity and a desire to reconnect with your spouse, and I pray these nuggets bless you and your marriage as they did for us. I’m so thankful my mom popped her head in our car to drop that truth-bomb all those years ago. Who knows what my marriage would look like today had I not been encouraged to love him the most.




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A Love-ish Story #rebelagainstbrokenvows

Our Giant Love-ish Story

I love the whole concept of this blog, rebelling and replacing. So, as I was thinking of how I could take the many stories that fold together into our giant love-ish story, I realized there are several things we do in our marriage to, well, stay married. This idea that rebels are few sure seems to be the case with strong marriages today. Our culture actually encourages unfaithfulness, adultery, exchanging the old for the young, shopping around for someone more appealing. It’s just a big old moral-less, marriage-less world out there. I’m just a small-town girl from Iowa turned Texas momma of many who has been at this marriage thing for just shy of 20 years. There are several things my husband Rick and I do to rebel against a culture that says leave if you feel like it. We replace that idea with a commitment that says we’re in this even if we don’t feel like it. Here are some of the other ways we rebel and replace in our marriage: 

We rebel against a society that says marriages fail. We replace that with a list of people, friends, mentors, and strangers whose marriages succeed, and we study them and feed ourselves with those examples.

We rebel against this thought that everything should be easy and smooth, and if it’s not, leave. We replace that with the reality that life is actually easy and hard and smooth and rough, and we stand with each other through those four and all the in-betweens.

We rebel against a culture that sees divorce as a solution. We replace that with the understanding that divorce isn’t an option, not a threat, not an out, not up for discussion unless abuse or adultery are involved.

We rebel against the idea that we have to get along all the time. We replace that with the expectation that we won’t get along all of the actual time.

We rebel against a mindset that says satisfy yourself; you’re your own priority. We replace that with the idea that our lives are about others; we can reach further together than we can apart. We see ourselves as a team not individual players.

We rebel against the lie that there’s somebody better. We replace that with the truth that we aren’t trading each other in. It just doesn’t get space in this marriage. It’s not about comparisons; it’s about edifying each other and being each other’s biggest fan. All of my unloveliness and all of his, those aren’t dealbreakers. 

We rebel against loose boundaries when it comes to the opposite sex. We replace that with boundaries that say we value our marriage and respect our spouse and won’t be alone with the opposite sex. We simply refuse to put ourselves in any situation that could be tempting or could result in emotional attachments. 

We rebel against putting our children first. We replace that with an insistence on dating each other and spending uninterrupted time away from the kids on a regular basis so we don’t miss each other entirely.

We rebel against a culture that says marriage is casual. We replace that with the belief that marriage is sacred and worth sticking out.

We rebel against the idea that being “in love” is a condition of marriage. We replace that with the realization that the kind of love that joins two people for the duration of their lives is so much more than that.

There are so many of our life-happenings I could share, but I’ll just start with how it all began. Somehow the little eight-year-old who thought it’d be cute to have a friend pin me down in the middle of our second grade classroom so he could plant a kiss on my lips also managed to plant a ring on my finger years later.

We were only married a few months before we agreed that this whole marriage thing might not have been well thought out after all. So, there we were, 20 years old, pretty rings and all, racing over a mile (and I do mean literal foot racing) to the campus library at UNI. The race was on: who would find the annulment law in Iowa first? Now that we had come to the realization that we were, in fact, two separate people (despite what our enamored, premarital selves may have believed), we were done. Or not. A week too late. Just like that, we stared at the computer screen, glanced at each other, and walked pathetically back home. (I’m literally rolling my eyes at our twenty-year-old baby selves.)

A year later, we decided since we had to stay together, we might as well run a homeless shelter and be useful. Isn’t it funny how that happens? All clueless and alone, our 21 year-old-selves unlocked the doors for strangers day after day, made sure everyone had food, and let all the guys stay up late in the main house to play cards with us. The rule of a two week maximum stay turned into a winter long stay for just about everybody, no hesitation. It was in that long stretch that I saw something in Rick that still peeks out at unexpected times. It’s carved deeply in my mind, and there are times I have to draw upon it, see it, actually feel it again. It’s the part of him that loves the unlovely. I can’t even tell you how many times I have been an ugly mess of a wife, and my heart goes back to that winter in that home with the ones who had nowhere else to go, and I see the man before me who has the capacity to love my unlovely. 

Shortly after graduating, reality kicked in. 

We got the news that babies just wouldn’t be a thing for us. For me, that meant the seven entire babies I warned Rick about having would be a whole lot closer to the three he imagined, only actually none. Kids, over

Then there was the time that he got this job filling up vending machines in Dallas, the job that brought him home with a pocket torn right off his shirt and that look I never want to see again: held up with a gun. Job, over. 

At the time, marriage wasn’t easy, and it sure didn’t feel smooth. Oh, and then there are the 500 actual other times, and I may need to add a whole thousand to that number, that weren’t easy or smooth either. This is the story. Our story. Our sometimes joy-filled and sometimes joy-buried story. 

Because I’m now in the place where I can look back at those first years, I can trace the rough getting smoothed out. God did just that. Five times actually. I had baby number one just 19 months after the doctors confirmed it wasn’t likely. Then four more actual real-life babies; they just kept coming! Our “Kids, over” turned into a five-fold miracle.

Although our hard, harder, and hardest aren’t outlined here, the fact that we are here, together, writing our story is the clearest way to prove that we’ve done our share of rebelling throughout the years along with a whole lot of replacing.  It’s been twenty whole years. Twenty years with another human, and I’m not sure if any of us really need an explanation of what that entails, but I will say, it’s a LOT. A lot of compromise, a lot of commitment, and a whole lot of crazy. We have to rebel. We have to replace. We have to consciously follow those commitments so we aren’t swayed by a culture that feeds any thirst. We choose our chaotically crazy child-filled married life.  Over and over, we choose it. 

Here’s to the those who rebel, though we may be few, we are fierce! 

On an oily note, we rebel there, too. This is, after all, an oily blog ...with a sidetracked blogger. So, here are our some of our family's daily favorites: Orange Blossom Face Wash, every day, an oily skin drying delight for this Momma! Grapefruit lip balm, it’s basically out of my purse every hour on the hour. Shutran, I don’t know what it is, ladies, but something about that oil once you get it out of the actual bottle and soaked into your hubby’s skin, best cologne, ever! Orange, I let my littles bathe in it, well, not literally, but when they ask for oil, it’s the default. Thieves, everything thieves, all the time. Peppermint, deep relief, peppermint, deep relief, we might be addicted. Animal scent ointment is on our list lately because we have all sorts of patchy chappy parts between the seven of us. Here’s to you oily rebels, may you be blessed in every way!


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