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The Book

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Rebel Artisans: The Art of Living Well is a compilation by RA co-founders Amie Dockery and Alana Bookhout. This is the ultimate, easy to understand flip-through book. It serves as an informative guide on the Rebel Artisan movement, while covering the things we take in that are toxic, and what the safe alternatives could be in exchange. This book is truly an education we all need, written in a way that won't make us feel schooled.

In our fast pace, content overload, media overkill world, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why Rebel Artisans tells you just what you need to know, in clear and concise living color. On every page, there's a solution offered to the problems we face as consumers. In both broad strokes and fine detail, this book offers a rebel & replace philosophy, providing the big picture many of us long for today.

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